Sunday, July 25, 2010

Until U Return....!!!!

You have always done so much for me
I miss your love and tender embrace
The love you express is genuine
Memories of you, I cannot erase.

I miss your eyes of unspoken love
They sparkle as diamonds in the sun
Your smiles will never be forgotten
I think of you 'til the day is done.

Your gentle touch is greatly missed
The words of love you've always spoken
Will be held forever in my heart
The bond we have cannot be broken.

I will always love only you dear
I'll be waiting 'til you again return
Time is passing very slow each day
There's so much I still must learn.

The friendship you and I still share
Quickly blossomed into true love
Our hearts blend when we're together
Our love is given from God above.

You're Special and I miss you!

1 comment:

mememe said...

Its so beautiful! I really like what you write..plz add me to your fan list.