Saturday, June 27, 2009

For The One I Love

Love is a feeling that cannot be possibly expressed in words। Love is being patient like a rock। In a few words we can say that we should never walk away from a relationship, especially when we see faults in the other, we need to be patient and realize that nobody is perfect। It's actually affection that matters not perfection…
True Love is rarely found and when we find it we should cherish it to the extent that we never loose it, because true love is found once in a billion, so we better take care of it। In a relation like love what matters most is TRUST। Because it takes a lot of courage to trust someone। Loves is a great feeling and to feel it throughout your life is the best gift someone can get. We should live for the person who dies for us, smile for the person who cries for us, fight for the person who protects us and LOVE the person who loves us more than we love him or her. We should always remember that when we meet people in our lives, then the whole and sole reason for our meeting is just focused on to creating memories, and when we depart we depart to preserve them. To meet and depart is the way of life, but to depart and meet is the hope we carry in our hearts.
Loving someone gives us a lot of strength, while being loved gives us ever more courage… When I found my love my life I was on Top of the World. The day when I met u, my fantasies changed into reality. My life suddenly neutralized into ecstasy. Your Smile captivates me in a timeless trance and I feel benumbed as my heart and soul begin to dance. Ur love is in the air I can feel u everywhere, your touch is full of warmth and tenderness, your love has overpowered me into a zone of ceaseless happiness… I feel undying love for u …I feel elevated… For me U R the most precious gift from goes… the almighty created…My Love… Now my life's each dawn has something new to bring… You have permitted in my soul and changed everything… An ocean of Love is what I see in Ur Resplendent eyes….. Our love is beyond this world.., a love that never dies…it alive in our soul ….. Sometimes I feel like I can't express the way I feel about you enough. I know that you know ""
I love you"". I don't doubt you feel the same. It's just sometimes I feel like you may not know how much I really do. I never knew love could run so deep. I feel like my heart could explode. So, the next times you hear me say, "I loves you!" don't think I'm saying it out of habit. I don't know what else to say for you to understand that you mean everything to me. I never express what I mean to say but only one thing is I LOVE YOU… this is all Ur wish here that can make this site perfect.
The name "myloverswish" can represent u ….and all your wishes here… This is the site where all lovers can find something different… At last I would say something…Do some promises that is always unbroken, some memories that are always unwritten…I should feel the magic of a true relation and you'll know that some words are always unspoken… LOVE IS THE PROPERTY OF SENSES…!!!!


palak **PG**

Friday, June 19, 2009


इश्क है तू
तू ही ज़िन्दगी
हासिल है तू
तू ही बंदगी
साँस रुक सी गई
वक्त थम सा गया
प्यार मैं तेरे मैं जान से गई
हिजर की रातों ने बहुत रुलाया
प्यार किया मैंने
तू समझा “दिल्लगी” थी मेरी ...!!!

पलक PG

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

खामोशियाँ ..!

जज़्बात जितने भी हैं दिल में… मेरे ही जैसे हैं वोह बे-जुबान…

जो तुम से मैं कह ना पाई … कहती हैं वोह मेरी खामोशियाँ ...

पलक PG

I still search for you, !!!!

In every stranger’s face , I still search for you,
You would come back to me if you only knew,
How memories of your sweet love haunt,
How whispers in the night still painfully taunt,
My life and this world I have come to hate,
Lonely days and lonely nights have been my fate,
Every night I stand under the stars,
and count the lonely days apart,

In every stranger’s face , I still search for you,
You would come back to me if you only knew,
How I long for those loving arms,
How memory of a night of wild young love still hold charm,
Myself and my waiting I have come to hate,
Lonely days and lonely nights have been my fate,
How I long to be with you again,
How I want to make you happy again,

In every stranger’s face , I still search for you,
You would come back to me if you only knew,
How lonely and empty is my life without you,
How pain of loneliness kills me without a sight of you,

Oh! Love won’t you be ever mine,
Won’t I ever reach my destine..

In every stranger’s face , I still search for you ..!

palak PG

Sunday, June 14, 2009

एक रिश्ता .. तेरी याद से...

तेरी याद से रिश्ता कल भी था
तेरी याद से रिश्ता आज भी है,,
दिल अपना दुखता कल भी था
दिल ये उदास आज भी है,,
जो प्यार हम तुम करते थे
वोह प्यार तो जिंदा आज भी है,,
हम बिछड़ गए इस दूरी में
तुम दूर हो मजबूरी में,,
कभी वक्त मिले तो चले आना
खुला दिल का दरवाज़ा आज भी है,,
तेरी याद में जागे कल भी थे,
तेरी याद में जागे आज भी हैं……

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Love U ..!!

I will love you forever, forever my love,
Longer than the heaven stays in the sky above,
Deeper than the depth of the darkest sea,
Stronger than the life that breathes within me,
Forever into the time eternal,
Forever into light and into dark,
Forever my love, forever forever,
He comes to me like a breeze in the night,
A touch, a whisper in the twilight,
His scent fills the air,
I breathe in his hair,
A brush of velvet, a stroke of silk,
I reach and he is there,
I touch his skin,
The sun the heat rushes in,
Whenever I see his face and feel his smile,
I know the time cannot erase the visions for a while,
I sit alone by the dock on the bay,
And know that there will never come a day,
When I won’t love you,
For my love was for you,
Forever, forever..
I Love U