Thursday, April 30, 2015

होता जो अगर ये मुमकिन .. 

तो मै तुजे साँस बनाकर दिल में रखती 

तू रुक जाये तो मै नहीं , मै मर जाऊं तो तू नहीं..

Thursday, April 16, 2015

whaaaaat? Again.......?
Your leave got cancelled Againnn..? I almost shouted....

"Yes , But Listen na....." He tried to say something but i disconnected the call angrily...

He call again....
I Picked up..."Now What.? ha..?"

"Third time...Third time in a row, your leave got cancelled.Again...." was very very angry...
"Januu..please understand na....I will come soon......Love u ...Plz na..."

I said " OK.." and again cut the call..
was thinking " Why he didn't understabd.. How I manage All to meet him.."

"Agar Tumahri Jeet Mai mera Hissa hai To Paresaniyoo Mai Kyu Nahi.."

T.v. was on and this line from bounvita AD came booming towards me..Yes, the AD is about the mother and her kid..
Yes, It is a health drink AD...
But Isn't this line applicable to almost all the relation we value.? 
I could my tears on my face..

But they were not there because I was angry but because I was ready to wait again for him.., no matter how long...he takes to come back...

I picked up the phone to call him just to say nothing matters more than I Love U..Over short leaves or cancelled leaves or no leaves at all......

"agar Tumhari Jeet Mai Mera hissa Hai To Paresaniyoo Mai Kyu Nahi......"

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Being in love with soldier is not easy..It never was..But he loves you more then you love him..

The abbrivation , " DLTGH" actually means a lot to u..

You learn to be strong and manage everything on your own in is absence, but when with him you act like some crazy GF.

You get used to hearing "Ma'am" from every friend of his you have the pleasure of meeting....

You may celebrate birthdays,anniversaries in a sober manner but u always plan something special for celebrating his sanctioned "
 leave".. and comming home news..

His one Unexpected Phone call makes your day! 

In years of relationship, you have hardly met him 20 times or even less...

That hug before he leaves make u feel devastated, but its totally opposite on his arrival.

 You start counting the days when he will be home and cancel everything just to be with him.

You have learned how to act like a 


Seriously, stars on his shoulder are better than the million in the sky...

Your heart fills with pride, whenever you see him in Uniform...

Even though his job 24 * 7, no holidays in any situations and takes him away for long periods of time, you're fiercely proud of who hw is and what he does....

There will always be thousands who will never understand why u love him a lot, despite the distance and hardship...But only u and your heart knows that no matter what they say you know.."That the girl he left behind, is still behind him supporting her hero....."

This list is endless, Being in love with a soldier is not easy and it was never meant to be too. But its one feeling and one relation which is unique and you will always be proud of..! I know only one thing that ... "More than I need him, he needs me."...... ALWAYS.....!

And Last but not Least....
"If a soldier loves u ...then walk like a Queen..."

Friday, April 3, 2015

 एक कदम ...उम्र भर का 
एक वादा ...आखरी पल तक का 
एक खुशी ....उसके हो जाने कि ..
वो मेरी आखरी सरहद हो जैसे 
सोच जाती हि नहि उन से आगे 

छुपाती  है वो चेहरे से बेपनाह महोब्बत ...
हम देख के मेहदी  उन के हाथो कि ...
महोब्बत कि इन्तहा जान लेते है ...

लफ़्ज्  कितने हि तेरे पैरो मै लीपटे  होगे
तुने जब आखरि खत मेरा जलाया होगा

वो तो आँखें थी,

जो सब सच बयां कर गयी..

वरना लफ्ज होते,

तो कब के मुकर गए होते....