Monday, September 29, 2008


I want to say something here.. for all my frds and for that ppl who all ready my blog. i m not a POET. yes but i have one hobby that is reaing some poems and ood book. Writing diary is my passion.yes off course sometimes i write poetry that is fact .. somethimes it is very hard to write all that poem which i loved the most so thats why i post here inmy blognot for ppl or my frds this blog is only for me and my memories.. i picked this poem from one of a beautiful blog. but unfortunately the author of that blog misunderstand me . yes of course may be my mistake that i was not mension her name below this poem but not a bad intenshion . just forgot. i think the proper sentance is " these r my memories so i think it is not complasary to mention his or her name. anywaz this is a crrarificatiopn for all my frd. and if i hurt someone in anyway then i m sorry . but again i reapet i have not a wrong intension.


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raaaj said...

bilkul theek likha hai tumne palak. i know it's all from ur diary so dont be upset with this..
u continue doing ur good work!!!!

i always wait for ur new post coz all ur posts are very nice and touching whether it's ur creation or otherwise.