Sunday, December 7, 2008

To A Lost Friend…

Sometimes, when people talk about friends, you always come to my mind and you always come to my heartfelt thoughts…

Sometimes when I hear some of your favorite songs, my eyes wet with
tears, and I look back thru the years…

Sometimes I cherish the times we spent together, and sometimes
I repent the mistakes we made…

Sometimes I think it was hard to find you, and then I realize it was the
hardest to let you go…

Do you never ever think of me?
Do you never cry like I do?
I know its been years, and people get over stuff,
But I cant, may be cuz you were an inseparable part of me…
Whether you believe it or not, I cant do anything to make you see,
How much and how much I do miss you!!



amul said...

Hi pal,

Bahut hi sundar...

Mere Dil Mei Tere Pyaar Kaa Armaan Abhi Bhi Baaki Hai
Poochhne The Jo Tumse Esse Kayee Sawal Abhi Baki Hai

Utar Chuka Hai Rang Hina Ka Hatheliyon Se
Magar Mahak Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Too To Nahi Magar Tere Pyaar Ka Ahsass Abhi Bhi Baki Hai

Ye Dil Hi To Hai,Haan Dil Hai Mera Isko Kasse Tod Doon
Pakda Hai Teri Yaadon Ka Daaman Itni Sakhti Se Use Esse Kassei Chhod Doon
Kal Tak Tum The Tum Hi Tum ,Mere Khwabon Or Khayalon Mein
Aaj Veeraan Huye Hai Ye,Veeran Hi Sahi ,Hai To Mere Apne Inse Mukh Mai Kase Mod Loon

Armaanon Ke Jangal Mei Chupe Huye Jajbaat Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Ankahi Ansuni Huyi Si Kayee Baate Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Sath Bitaye The Jo Pal Hamne Unki Yaad Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Teri Baaten Teri Yaaden Teri Chhuwan Ka Ahsass Abhi Bhi Baki Hai

Mitne Ko To Mit Hi Chuke Ham Dile-E-Barbaad Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Tere Sath Jindgi Bitaane Kaa Jo Armaan Basaya Tha Dil Mei
Is Dil Ke Ujde Chaman Mei Wo Armaan Abhi Bhi Baki Hai
Too To Nahi Hai Sath Magar Tere Pyaar Ka Ahsass Abhi Bhi Baki Hai

Ravi Srivastava said...

It is having so deep thought that i could not scape from musing in the past's life.